The forces of communication, interdependency, and bureaucracy are colliding!

Where centralization gives way to networked specialization, where access to people and markets supplant investment capital as the limiting factors to growth, and where the bulk of development organizations remain obstinate (and ineffective) in the face of change, comes a new approach to solving our intractable problems.

OHorizons is an organization with low barriers to involvement dedicated to finding, developing, and scaling open-sourced innovations across The Four Horizons of Life: Water, Agriculture, Energy, and Economic Development.

Our global network of specialists produces adaptable field-tested solutions that can be optimized for a wide-range of local conditions. We do this by connecting innovators with communities in need, where we help bring ideas from the drawing board to the field. 


We facilitate field-testing and refinement and then support further development and large-scale deployment of community changing solutions.

The solutions we support are characterized as Low-Tech, High-Thinking.  They are thoughtfully designed with the end-user in mind and refined accordingly. They are affordable, utilize local tools and materials to ensure long-term sustainability, and are open-source and DIY so anyone can implement them regardless of education or expertise.

We’re on a mission to solve the world’s most difficult challenges. Please join us! Become part of the Low-Tech, High-Thinking Movement today with a donation, by signing up for our emails, or by contacting us and letting us know how you could contribute to our initiatives.