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Low-Tech, High-Thinking™ idea to address a difficult challenge around the world. We are always in search of like-minded people with whom to partner.

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  1. Corporations: Corporate Social Responsibility programs, community engagement and marketing teams are wonderful partners to implement programs and to tell the world about our great work.

    • Corporate Foundation gifts allow us to serve more people around the world while your corporation gets the accolades and metrics. You can even choose the geographic area!

    • Corporations who choose to do an internal fundraising event such as a “jeans day” or a “cook off” will enjoy a matching gift from our foundation to the program of their choice.

  2. Individual Donors: These people take a person stand from humanity by giving freely from their own resources.

    • An outright gift to the organization will help continue our global work

    • A gift restricted to a program - for every $10 increment of your gift, you will be giving a person clean drinking water for life.

  3. Community and Family Foundations: These thoughtful institutions believe so whole heartedly in helping humanity that they made it their business!

    • We LOVE your passion and want to support your work so we will match any gift given to a specific program out of respect for your commitment to making the world a better place.

  4. Rotary Clubs: We admire your passion, leadership and ability to raise money. Let’s partner on a project.

    • We will match your gift and help leverage our relationship to receive district and International grants!

    • Our CEO is a Rotarian. She is a member of the International WASH Rotary Action Group.

  5. Mission groups: Let's talk about projects that can help last-mile communities around the world. We'll even train your mission group before you leave the US.

  6. Universities: We love Engineers Without Borders and Project Managers Without Boarders. Why not work with us to plan a field work project?

  7. NGOs working in water: Let us train your staff and volunteers to build our Wood Mold BioSand Filters.

  8. Emergency Relief Organizations: We are happy to train your staff and volunteers or to meet you in the field. Our solution for clean water in a disaster or refugee situation is the most environmentally conscience solution you can choose. Being able to help and feel useful helps individuals heal after disaster strikes too.

  9. We are always in need of sponsorship and volunteers for the Marker Fairs in New York and San Francisco. 

  10. Know an International NGO or Geographic area that could use our help?  Let us know and we can discuss the best ways to work together.