OHorizons seeks to address tough, global issues with innovative low-tech solutions that are scalable, sustainable, and implemented at the local level. We’re empowering communities with the tools and knowledge to solve their toughest problems so they can survive and thrive. We work across a variety of areas, building off the four horizons of life: water, energy, agriculture and economic development:


CLEAN WATER FOR LIFE: We give people clean drinking water for life through the use of our award-winning Wood Mold used for BioSand Filters, as well as other innovative solutions.



We protect the environment by offering a water solution that leaves zero environmental impact


OFF-GRID SOLAR SOLUTIONS: We offer off-grid solar solutions to people who until now have only dreamed of such a luxury.


STEM EDUCATION: We teach people all around the world how to build a BioSand Filter (BSF) regardless of education level.  We teach via an interactive, hands-on, group method that builds STEM skills and offers employment opportunities post training.


SMALL BUSINESS BUILDING: We create small businesses in impoverished communities buy teaching a skilled trade and offering micro-loans to get businesses started.


MAKER FAIRE: We share our brilliant inventions with other brilliant inventors and curious minds at Maker Faire's in New York and San Francisco.