What Do We Want From You? A donation!  It costs approximately $10 to give one person clean drinking water for their life time.  We are seeking partners that will help us reach many people by choosing a geographic location to impact, determining the number of people we should help, and deciding if their own employees should be involved.

Who Funds What?  In an ideal situation, the partner organization covers the entire financial responsibility for the project via a grant to OHorizons Charitable Solutions (OCS). We will work with you to flesh out the details, including defined measurable results, a timeline and budget. 

Who Does What? The funding organization tells us what type of project they want to support and the geographic area of interest.  If needed, OHorizons can provide research and strategic advice regarding which regions would be most impactful for the funding organization. Together, the funding organization and OCS will vet local NGOs to determine the best partner for program stability and longevity. In many instances, the funding organization may already has several partner NGOs in mind that they would like to involve in the project. If this is not the case, OHorizons will lead the vetting process.  

Once a mutually suitable implementing NGO has been found, OHorizons and the NGO will enter into a memorandum of understanding agreement (MOU) that defines and holds the NGO accountable for program benchmarks.  OHF will then use the donated funds to purchase supplies and train the NGO in accordance with the MOU and in partnership with the organization.

What is OCS’s Role? OCS manages the programs. We work directly with the implementing NGO partner to ensure all agreed upon deliverables are being met in a timely manner.  We will train, provide ongoing technical assistance, and continually monitor the project to ensure success.  OHorizons will manage the budget, track progress, and report regularly to the funding partner.  At the end of the grant period, a full report complete with metrics and outcomes, will be submitted to the funding partner for review and distribution as appropriate.  Exact deliverables will be agreed upon and specified by the funding organization at the outset of the grant to OHorizons.

What is the Funding Organization's Role? Funding organizations have the opportunity to be as involved in bringing a project to life as they would like, from hands on support during implementation (building Wood Molds, installing BioSand Filters, testing water quality, etc) to ongoing follow-up via the local NGO,  creating a long-standing relationship and feeling of ownership.

What are the Next Steps? Once you've agreed to fund a project, OCS will write up a grant agreement reflecting this new partnership. After it's reviewed and agreed upon, we will sign and begin work as soon as funds are made available. 


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