OHorizons Charitable Solutions is an international non-profit founded with the belief that some of the world’s most difficult challenges need simple solutions.

OHorizons seeks to address tough, global issues with innovative low-tech solutions that are scalable, sustainable, and implemented at the local level. We’re empowering communities with the tools and knowledge to solve their toughest problems so they can survive and thrive. As we've studied the cycle of hunger, we've developed a system for ending it by introducing solutions that address key human needs: access to clean drinking water, clean, renewable, affordable energy, improved agricultural practices, and economic development opportunities.  We call these “the Four Horizons of Life.”


Too often in development, we see expensive and complicated capital-intensive projects being implemented, usually with little to no input from the community. We believe the system is broken.

The main issues impacting at-risk communities around the world require local support and local commitment to provide meaningful outcomes. They require innovative approaches that lead to long-term solutions.

Beneficiaries should be involved in projects. They should know how a technology is made and how it works. They should know how to source a replacement part and they should have the means to fix it on their own.

To enable this, we work with local partners and pursue sustainable and scalable solutions that follow our Low-Tech, High-Thinking design process & principles. 

Our starting point? Providing access to clean drinking water for all. 


Principles of Low-Tech

The Four Horizons
of Life

Why Water?


OHorizons Charitable Solutions is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.