Puerto Rico


Hurricane Maria destroyed an extremely fragile power grid for Puerto Ricans, impacting the standard of living, from education to health and economic development. Rural communities face the biggest challenges. A return to normalcy is a long way away.

One year later, lack of access to consistent power in rural communities like Yabucoa, where much of the citizens live in hard-to-reach, rugged mountain neighborhoods, means that when nighttime comes, the ability to live a normal life slows down dramatically… children can’t study easily, parents have challenges preparing healthy meals, families have reduced ability to engage and interact.

OHorizons specializes in developing simple solutions to some of the world’s most difficult problems. We’ve been working with last mile communities in Puerto Rico to implement stop-gap solutions while long-term solutions to energy needs are deployed. Our solar-powered tools have provided a reliable alternative, supplying lighting, refrigeration, home cooling, cellular recharging, and more. 

We have focused on neighborhoods that are difficult to access and are least likely to receive help, like Yabucoa, as well as Rio Grande, Utuado, Jayuya, Loiza, and Humacao, where we have distributed…

>> HOME SOLAR LIGHTING and charging systems for 6,400 residents

>> Water filters for 20,000 residents

>> 25 portable generators for bedridden patients

>> 2 solar refrigerators for storage of medicines and perishables

OHorizons has been on the ground in Puerto Rico actively working on solutions to the problems starting weeks after the environmental disaster. We have spent time on the ground throughout many of the hardest hit areas, towns and communities. Our local team members are intimately aware of the issues as well, having lived through hurricane or had family members who did. 

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