Being responsible global citizens is at the core of our mission. We are currently exploring business models that will enable both our collaborative and open-source Wood Mold BioSand Filter projects to become sustainable businesses.


OHorizons is working to create the world’s first Wood Mold BioSand Filter social enterprise program. We've partnered in this endeavor with AOSED,  a non-government and non-profit Bangladeshi development organization founded in 1999 and committed to conserving environment, ecology, biodiversity and facing the challenges of climate change and improving the standard of lives and livelihoods of vulnerable communities through ensuring their access to natural and common resources of the Southwest Coastal Region of Bangladesh.

When completed, this program will... 

  • Create new jobs

  • Increase revenue to local vendors

  • Create a new local business

A total of 20 local entrepreneurs will be selected and strengthened through capacity building and support during this 18-month pilot initiative. They will be commercially manufacturing and marketing the OHorizons' Wood Mold BioSand Filter (BSFs) via their own small businesses. To help seed the market for the BSF entrepreneurs, an initial 100 BSFs will be introduced to the local communities as a reliable safe water solution.

As a result of this pilot project, we expect...

  1. Each entrepreneur will use an initial startup loan to help catalyze their business, and then sell between 75-150 BSFs.

  2. At least 1600 households in the selected region will be using BSF to get safe drinking water.

  3. At least 80% (16) of the 20 entrepreneurs to repay, in full, their initial seed funding.

  4. 90% BSF usage rate amongst the beneficiaries after the 18 month program expires.

OHorizons and AOSED will monitor the entrepreneurs and offer ongoing technical assistance to guide them through challenges they might face.

OHorizons hopes to be able to scale this model to other regions in the future. If these entrepreneurs are successful in creating their businesses, it will be the first 100% financially sustainable (e.g no outside financial support) BioSand Filter program in the world.